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19 Avr 2021 | How to use

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Masturbators have arrived at PoppersPlanet, they won’t leave you cold for several reasons… 😉

We did our best to be able to offer them to you at the best price, the result is there, we were able to offer you this range of sex-toys at defying prices! 😊

This article aims to enlighten you a little more about masturbators, although the name is quite explicit (I won’t draw you a picture 🤣), this category of sex toys deserves a closer look!


🍆What is a male masturbator? 🍆


A male masturbator is a sex toy specifically designed for men (as the name suggests) that allows you to insert your penis, as if it were real anal or vaginal penetration.

Our masturbators are designed with materials that respect the skin and body of the user, without phthalates, conforming to the latest European standards; So you will have all the leisure to enjoy yourself without taking any risk!


🍆 How to choose your masturbator? 🍆


The fateful question! Again, like poppers, masturbators are toys that are particularly suited to specific desires, let me explain:

Our super masturbators have different shapes and colors, some are molded according to the shape of a mouth, others reproduce a vagina or anus, others have more “design” and less pronounced forms … To put it simply, there is no good masturbator but there is a masturbator for every desire! At the price we offer them in addition, it is rather easy to make a small collection and be prepared for all eventualities! …

It is important that you also choose masturbators made from materials that are compatible with your body, at PoppersPlanet, no worries, our masturbators for men are all designed to respect your skin 100%!

Last point: Choose a masturbator that is easy to clean, we don’t think about it enough, but once you’re done having fun, it’s a shame not to be able to clean your toy and end up the next day with something all crappy that’s going to smell bad🤢 But again, at PoppersPlanet, no worries, our masturbators are easy to clean and we even offer a cleaning solution specially designed for your intimate toys…😉



So take the plunge, fall for one of our new ultra low priced masturbators and let the pleasure be your guide 😊


See you soon at PoppersPlanet

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