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12 Avr 2021 | How to use

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With this new confinement, these new restrictions and this difficulty to meet people, many of us have asked ourselves the question “should I buy a sextoy” but have not dared to jump the step! Don’t panic, PoppersPlanet has decided to write you a little article to help you to see more clearly and especially to help you to break the clichés which gravitate around these objects which are more and more widespread ! And yes, in addition to proposing cheap poppers we have in heart to support you in the daily life and to help you to feel better in your sexuality ! Alone or accompanied by the way 😉


Why a Sextoy


The sextoy is no longer reserved for a minority today! Whether you’re single, in a relationship or still a lover of orgies, having a sextoy next to your poppers in your nightstand has become a Must 😉
Having a sextoy, ideally cheap, is a way to afford pleasure sessions; No matter the situation, they are very appreciated, as they allow users to be able to satisfy their desires anywhere and anytime (but don’t exaggerate, wait until you’re in private anyway … 😉)! No need to wait for your other half to be willing to get into a romp, no more endless waiting because your plans are late!
As we told you, sex toys are going to guarantee you an autonomy in pleasure that you can only appreciate 😊


Which Sextoy to choose?


There are countless sextoys to choose from, for all tastes and for all pockets! At PoppersPlanet our selection of toys is mainly made up of dildos and masturbators: the best of in a way;
The latter are generally the most appreciated toys thanks to their simplicity of use and their efficiency… 😉 (They come with an instruction manual, but we trust you, not sure you’ll read it all, it’s pretty intuitive after all).
To choose the sextoy best suited to your needs, you’ll simply have to listen to yourself and your desires; Size is obviously the most important criterion since that’s what will determine your choice! If it’s your first one, don’t be too greedy and stay reasonable! Anyway, you must have already heard this kind of sentence “It’s not the size that counts, it’s what you do with it”: we agree! It would be silly if the dog falls on it and decides to make it his new chew bone!!!😉
Don’t hesitate to contact us on social networks or on the website if you need more information and advice on how to choose your toys, we would be happy to give you our tips and advice 😉


See you soon at PoppersPlanet

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