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1 Mar 2021 | How to use

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Choosing your lube is a slippery subject , there are so many choices that you can drown 💧 ( salute the double joke, it’s a gift 🤣).

Here’s a little guide to shed a little light on the subject; Note that PopersPlanet also offers lube, in addition to the iconic poppers 😉


Lube you say?

It’s true that this question sounds a bit silly at first, because you’re probably all already thinking “Sex is good, but being able to walk afterwards is good too 💡

Yet choosing your gel is a real topic! Explanations.



There is an astronomical amount of lube available today, and along with it a multitude of types of sexual acts.

Anal, vaginal, oral, with toys … so many practices that do not all require the same lube.


So yes, lube is important, but not just any way and with anything 😉


The different types of lube:


Here’s a quick recap of the different types of lube, hang on tight, it’s going to slip 😂


  1. The water-based lube 💧

Water-based lube is, as the name suggests, water-based. Of generally more fluid consistency, compatible with just about all practices, they are safe and can be used generously, even on your toys; Their only small default, they dry more or less quickly, and as a result they are sometimes less pleasant for long-lasting romps. Often flavored, they can also be sometimes edible, or heating or icing: if you’ve never tried, I recommend Lub’Intense gels, which come in heating and icing: original sensations guaranteed and “caliente” pleasure 🦆


  1. The silicone⚛️ lube

Silicone lube are the most lubricating of lube, with them there’s no need to spread gallons of it! They are silky to the touch and do not dry out. One coat is enough to last a long time and guarantees a more than optimal lubrication.

.They are more viscous than water-based lube, sometimes flavored and colored, they are particularly suitable for more virile relationships.

On the other hand, they are more difficult to clean up after the act, never edible and they stain sheets …. Not great for discretion, unless you’re making your plans outdoors 💧

  1. The Glycol Lube 👨🔬

Glycol lube provides a real warm feeling. Also sold in the form of massage oils, they are especially great for hot nights or you want to gently turn up the heat🌡

As for penetration, whether vaginal or anal, with a heating gel, it’s guaranteed to be a blast, and it increases the sensations of the act.



  1. The Oily Lube

Oily lube are best suited for anal sex or Men with above average 😏. They guarantee an optimal and long slide🏄. On the other hand, again, they are not really easy to clean, they stain the sheets, and the smells are not always terrible;


PoppersPlanet Bonus Tips:

🧾 Check the compatibility of your lube with your condoms

🦆 Check the compatibility of your lube with your sex toys

👨🔬 Avoid lube containing paraben

⭐️ You’re bound to find the lube you need in our dedicated section 😉



See you soon and have a good glide

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