International Poppers Day 🎉

15 Mar 2021 | News

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You may not know it, but this year there is going to be the International Poppers Day!

The first edition was launched in the USA in 2019, by a New York porn actor, and has been held every year since then, on April 5 (because that’s simply his birthday);

April 5, 2021 will therefore be the 3rd edition of this International Poppers Day, and even though this little vial is in itself a pure celebration, we decided to join the festivities this year 😉

You’re in luck, because this very special day, dreamed up by the no less special Eric Hassan, will be the occasion on PoppersPlanet for some TOO SPECIAL offers! And if you missed the first two editions, no need to make a drama about it 🙄, it’s the opportunity to celebrate more worthily this 3rd edition đŸŸ

A great opportunity to gather around a common “passion” and enjoy moments of friendly or “deeper” complicity if I may say so … 😉

PoppersPlanet will guide you throughout this unique day, to make it an unforgettable day.

We are preparing for you, among other things, great “celebration” Packs, to be discovered soon, so that you can fully enjoy this day, without breaking the bank (💰)

Don’t hesitate to share with us your prettiest photos from this very special day and send them to us or tag us on social media! đŸ“·


We’d love to be a part of your party 😉


Take care, see you soon

In case of an accident, or if someone is not feeling well after taking Poppers, we remind you of the useful info:

Emergency number: 0800 23 13 13 (8am to 9pm, free call from a landline).

As a reminder:

  • Do not multiply inhalations in a short period of time (risk of overdose)
  • If you get a headache and/or dizziness, stop inhalation and go breathe fresh air
  • Never use poppers near a flame. The product is highly flammable
  • Avoid contact of the liquid with mucous membranes, especially the nose, mouth and eyes. This may cause burns and/or dry skin