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30 Avr 2021 | Health

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poppers how to avoid headache poppersplanet

Whether you’re a regular or occasional Poppers user, you may have experienced or heard about a fairly common side effect with this magical little vial!

Headache is the most common unwanted side effect, but don’t panic, it’s totally safe! Here’s a little article to shed some light on this topic that is often overlooked!


Why the headache? 🧠


Poppers are known and appreciated for their vasodilator properties, they allow the blood vessels to dilate and this is what leads to the increase in libido, the relaxation of muscles and the feeling of well-being!

As this vasodilator effect takes effect throughout your body, let’s take a little focus on what happens in your brain box when you consume poppers!

The blood vessels present in your brain will also be affected by this dilation, which will result in sometimes causing some migraines and headaches due to their proximity to your brain!

poppers pourquoi ce mal de tete poppersplanet

🧠 PoppersPlanet’s tips for avoiding this 🧠


✔️ Consume a well-stored Poppers: Indeed, if your poppers have been open for too long or worse, if you have stored them incorrectly, it is very likely to cause migraines! So we respect the storage instructions and don’t consume a Poppers opened since 2010!


✔️ Consume a quality Poppers: Beware of poor quality poppers, counterfeits, they are very often sources of side effects because they use imported chemical mixtures, cheaper, but sometimes dangerous, such as hexyl nitrite, …. (or sometimes they are a source of nothing since they literally have no effect …)! Choose well-known brands that are known to use quality propyl, amyl or pentyl molecules (such as Rush, Jungle Juice, Amsterdam Poppers, Quick Silver, ….). At PoppersPlanet, all our poppers are 100% Quali 😉


✔️ Consume your Poppers sparingly: Sometimes even good products can be a source of unpleasantness if consumed in the wrong way or too steadily! Space out your poppers, don’t take too many puffs if you’re not used to it! The secret to a good popper session is to listen to your body!


🧠 How to relieve poppers-related migraines 🧠


💊 If you have a painkiller (paracetamol type, …) on hand: It will help you quickly relieve this little mishap! 


💊 Get rid of your expired, poorly preserved or poor quality bottles: Yes, it always hurts your heart to get rid of a not empty bottle of poppers but sometimes you have to do violence! And then, we deliver in 24/48H so, no real risk of being out of stock for very long!


💊 Listen to yourself: Let your body guide you, don’t try to do too much to impress the gallery (You don’t need that… 😉)


🧠 Key words to remember for those who might have already forgotten (or those who were lazy to read it all )


👨🏫 Spaced out plugs

👨🏫 Poppers well preserved

👨🏫 No counterfeits with questionable molecules (hexyl nitrite type)

👨🏫 No mixing of Poppers / Alcohol etc…

👨🏫 Don’t hesitate to use painkillers in case of migraine

👨🏫 If the pain persists, consult a doctor

👨🏫 Indulge yourself, but know how to listen to your body: no unnecessary abuse

👨🏫 Choose a Quality Poppers (from PoppersPlanet for example)

poppers comment soulager les migraines poppersplanet

Take care and see you soon at PoppersPlanet

In the event of an accident, or if a person does not feel well after taking Poppers, we remind you of the useful information:



Emergency number: 0800 23 13 13 (8am to 9pm, free call from a landline).

As a reminder:


  • Do not multiply inhalations in a short period of time (risk of overdose)
  • In case of headache and/or dizziness, stop inhalation and go for fresh air
  • Never use poppers near a flame. The product is highly flammable
  • Avoid contact of the liquid with mucous membranes, especially the nose, mouth and eyes. This may cause burns and/or drying of the skin