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PoppersPlanet your Poppers reference since 2009. The best Poppers, the best European brands.

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Quality is our priority

Poppersplanet is Europe’s No. 1 poppers company (by number of bottles sold);

Dealer of the best European poppers brands:

  • Rush
  • Jungle Juice
  • Amsterdam Poppers
  • Quick Silver
  • Bronx
  • Ecstasy Pop
  • Girly Power
  • Extasy For men
  • Bad Boys
  • Deeper
  • ….

Poppersplanet is not just a reseller; we know what’s in our bottles, and for good reason; Your safety is our priority, which is why we only use chemicals that meet the new European REACH standards, put in place to ensure consumer safety;


At home:

  • No Butyl Nitrite (banned by the EU for its health risks, and in particular its carcinogenic properties)
  • No hexyl nitrite: this molecule, which came recently from the USA, has been the subject of several studies that have demonstrated its dangerousness; in particular, it causes oxidation of hemoglobin.

We use to date 3 molecules:

  • Propyl nitrite (the most common molecule and the most sold in France since the 1960s)
  • Amyl nitrite (the strongest molecule on the European market)
  • Pentyl nitrite (an isomer of amyl, pentyl has much the same effects, but a “sweeter” and “milder” scent)

PoppersPlanet therefore assures you not only the best products, but the reputation of our brands, confirms that this quality is recognized throughout the European Union;

If so many customers buy Poppers Rush or Jungle Juice, it is because they trust our brands and they trust the man who makes them. At PoppersPlanet, your trust is our best reward.