Aluminium Poppers Inhaler


At PoppersPlanet we thought you’d appreciate this little must-have accessory for poppers fans, whether they are amyl, propyl or pentyl nitrite: The poppers inhaler!

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PoppersPlanet Poppers Inhaler:


Having your poppers with you at all times can be complicated, whether you're going to a party or on your way to a naughty moment, you don't always have the space or the ability to walk around with your bottle of Super rush or Jungle Juice premium in your pocket!


That's why we at PoppersPlanet thought you'd appreciate this little must-have accessory for poppers fans, whether they're into amyl nitrite, of propyl or pentyl : The popper inhaler!

A popper inhaler is a small, easy-to-carry capsule that will allow you to have your pick-me-up with you at all times! Easy to hide, it goes unnoticed at the entrance of nightclubs and festivals, no risk of being pinched by the security guard and having to throw away your favorite poppers to get access to the party!

Allows you to take your poppers with you at all times!

Designed in aluminium, with a glass reservoir and a wick (supplied with the inhaler), this little must-have accessory is thought to diffuse the smells but without the leakage of precious poppers, in other words, the poppers inhaler is a bit like your morning coffee thermos, but with a PoppersPlanet poppers inside 😉

No risk of breakage, no risk of burning, no risk of leakage: an essential accessory.

Take advantage and test our inhaler, it's at the best price on the net at PoppersPlanet and will most certainly become your best friend at parties and on the go 😉 ...

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