Deeper 13ml

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Deeper, former leading brand of the French market is back; Specially adapted to facilitate the penetration, star product at the passive ones, it is a 100% amyl; Powerful product. A Poppersplanet exclusive.

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The Deeper Power Popper 13ml:



Deeper, former leading brand in the French market is back; Specially adapted to facilitate penetration, a star product among passives, it is a 100% amyl; Powerful product.  A Poppersplanet exclusive.

As the name suggests, this little vial is specifically designed for sexual acts with painful tendencies. If you or your partner have been a little too spoiled by mother nature, this popper is for you! The name says it all.

No more torrents of lube, no more squeaks and pains interfering with your lovemaking, with the Deeper, the sensation of penetration will be summed up in one word: FUN!


What is the Deeper 13ml poppers for?

🍌 ULTRA POWERFUL Vasodilator
🍌 ULTRA POWERful Relaxer
🍌 Stimulates libido
🍌 Boosts orgasms


In short, more than a popper, a real tool to make your life easier and to enjoy your carnal moments without hitch.

This popper is offered exclusively at PoppersPlanet because we are committed to supporting you and helping you make the most of your sexuality! (All at a very low price of course, pleasure above all)

13 ml bottles

Composition : Amyl Nitrite

( caution, some products may be freely available in some countries , but prohibited in others, even within the EEC, so each customer must check the conformity of the imported product with his national legislation )

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