Heroes Silicone Toys 6 Inches Flesh 15cm

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Looking for a thrill? Does the cheap Poppersplanet Poppers not give you enough of a rush? (It’s unlikely but who knows…)

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Heroes Silicone Toys 15cm long sex toy


Hungry for a thrill? Does the cheap Poppers from Poppersplanet not give you enough of a head rush? (It's unlikely but who knows ...)

Then this big 16cm by 5 diameter dildo is for you, in addition to being a dildo for men and women, an anal and vaginal dildo, a totally hypoallergenic dildo ... It's a dildo that will fit under your bed as well as anywhere else 😉 ... No more reasons to be out of action when you have this great dildo under your mattress 😉

Coupled with one of our cheap and fast poppers, this dildo for dude and chick will most likely become a must-have in your bedroom ... 😉

This pretty toy and a cheap and fast popper from PoppersPlanet is guaranteed to provide unparalleled moments of voluptuousness..


Detailed description of this dildo:


Color: Flesh

Material: 100% Pure Extra Silicone Hypoallergenic.

Length: 15cm

Diameter: 5cm

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