Juice Zero 25ml

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The ingredients of this delicious beverage? Amyl and Propyl, and concentrate based ladies and gentlemen. All this served with the cheap poppers sauce we have the secret of at Poppersplanet!

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Server, put me down for another Juice please 🧃. That's most certainly what you'll be telling yourself when you've tasted the MAXI FORMAT of the legendary Jungle Juice Zero 25ml 😉

The ingredients in this delicious beverage? Amyl and Propyl, and concentrate based ladies and gentlemen 😉. All served with the cheap Poppers sauce we have the secret to at Poppersplanet! 😊

As usual Jungle Juice treats us with a huge bottle that is ultra aphrodisiac, mega vasodilator and most importantly: That works in less time than it takes to say Poppers!

With this super popper, your plans and your partners will not have time to say "wow", they will already be in 7th heaven on board the Jungle Juice rocket.

What is the Juice Zero 25ml poppers for?

🧃 Super effective vasodilation
🧃 Ultra fast rise
🧃 Intense feeling of happiness
🧃 Amplified orgasms
🧃 Happiness generated by seeing its price, another cheap popper!


Anyway we don't teach you anything, The effectiveness of Jungle Juice, declined in 25ML, all sold at a low price and delivered in a flash by Poppersplanet = Absolute happiness ... 😉

Give in to the temptation, after all, apart from getting your kicks like never before, what are you risking?... Not breaking the bank anyway!

25 ml bottle

Composition : Amyl nitrite + Propyl nitrite

( caution, some products may be freely available in some countries, but prohibited in others, even within the EEC, so each customer must check the conformity of the imported product with his national legislation )

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Amyl and Propyl


Jungle Juice


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