Jungle Juice 13ml

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Jungle Juice it is THE BRAND to be known when one is follower of torrid and disinhibited evenings, the poppers Jungle Juice very largely made their proofs for their euphoric effects and extremely powerful vasodilators.

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How can you not know Jungle Juice 13ml?

Jungle Juice is THE BRAND to know when you're into hot, uninhibited parties. Jungle Juice poppers have been widely proven to have extremely powerful euphoric and vasodilatory effects.

The Jungle Juice is an iconic bottle of the brand. Dizzy rushes, euphoria, boundless sexual desire. It lives up to its reputation and is sure to fill your raunchiest as well as your most danceable parties 😉


Why buy Jungle Juice 13ml poppers


🧃 Hot flashes and drunkenness
🧃 Intense sexual desire
🧃 Helps to overcome taboos
🧃 Unparalleled energizer


In short, this bottle doesn't enjoy such a great reputation for nothing, it guarantees intense, fast and above all, unforgettable effects 😉

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We are aware that it is highly sought after and therefore can be difficult to find but your pleasure is our priority so we guarantee fast and secure delivery 😉

13 ml bottle

Composition: Propyl Nitrite

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Jungle Juice


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