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Maxi Super Rush 25ml

Starting from 9,90

From the mega planet RUSH, the super RUSH maxi will not disappoint. As the name suggests, it’s a super effective maxi size, and as usual on Poppersplanet: it’s a cheap popper!

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Maxi Super Rush:


From the mega planet RUSH, the maxi super RUSH will not disappoint you 😉 As the name suggests, it’s a super effective maxi size, and as usual on Poppersplanet: it’s a cheap popper! 😊
An aphrodisiac like no other, this big iconic vial is the perfect passport to cross the pleasure border and thus enter the land of drunkenness and carnal release. With its Amyl composition, this popper will not deviate from its RUSH counterparts and will most likely send you into orbit 😉


Easy to share, easy to diffuse in a room, its large capacity will come to favor the torrid exchanges with your partners and will guarantee you a collective disinhibition as sensual as effective … ⚡
Yes we know that you have already started to get euphoric just by clicking on this popper and seeing its price (cheap poppers pro, we’ll keep telling you … 😉 ) but believe us, you can’t even imagine how much the efficiency of this precious liquid will satisfy your sexual appetite …


The effects of this poppers?


⚡ Ultra pronounced disinhibition
⚡ Sexual appetite demultiplied
⚡ Euphoria
⚡ Desire to share (cheap, mega container, how can you not want to share?)
⚡ Searing orgasms …


As always, it’s RUSH bringing us ever more fantastic products at ever lower prices. And as always, it’s PoppersPlanet who offers you such cheap poppers and delivered so fast 😉⚡

25 ml bottles
Composition : Amyl Nitrite
( attention , some products can be on free sale in some countries , but forbidden in others , within the EEC itself , each customer must therefore check the conformity of the imported product with his national legislation )



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