Mega Rush (25 ml)

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“It’s in old pots that the best soups are made”. This expression will never have had as much meaning as in the case of the legendary MEGA RUSH from RUSH (obvious, isn’t it?).

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Introduction to the Rush poppers Mega Rush 25ml:


"It's in old pots that the best soups are made". This expression will never have made as much sense as in the case of the legendary MEGA RUSH from RUSH (obvious no?).

Amyl, the ingredient that makes this cheap popper a MUST HAVE under your mattress! ULTRA euphoric and MEGA exciting, this XXL size bottle will undoubtedly guarantee you to spend evenings as hot as they are eventful... 😉

It will increase your desires, your sexual urges but also your orgasms tenfold. On top of that it is so big that there will be no risk of partners not being able to enjoy it 😉

So buckle up and let the Mega Rush transport you to the land of carnal pleasures and madness!


What is the Mega Rush 25ml poppers for?


⚡ Extremely powerful vasodilator (goodbye painful penetrations)
⚡ Disinhibiting as hell
⚡ Amplifies orgasms
⚡ Boosts stamina tenfold
⚡ Promotes dopamine secretion


As always, RUSH hits a major blow in the Poppers sphere with this must-have bottle 😉

Prepare to sweat and stay up late. It doesn't say so on the leaflet but that's most likely what you're in for. Once you order it and we deliver it quickly 😉

As for us at Poppersplanet, we're hitting it hard by offering it to you at a low price (after all, cheap poppers is our department... 😉)


25ml bottles

Composition: Amyl Nitrite

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