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The clubbing pack lands with a bang on PoppersPlanet, at the best price on the web!

<3 Bottles of Poppers


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🎉 Buy poppers with the Clubbing Pack🎉


The clubbing pack lands with a bang on PoppersPlanet, at the best price on the web!

With its three powerful 100% authentic poppers, meeting the strictest manufacturing standards, get ready to spend hectic evenings and wiggle on the dance floor like never before!

Amsterdam, Jungle Juice, Super Rush, three legendary large format poppers with amyl nitrite and propyl that are sure to make for some unforgettable moments!

Without further ado, here is the description of our three powerful poppers designed for clubbing 😉

3 Bottles of Poppers:


🎉 Poppers Maxi Amsterdam 25ml


Amsterdam, the leading popper on the market for decades continues to take you on a journey! With its composition100% amyl, this large format poppers is the ideal companion for your dance parties, fast climbs, dazzling effects, it won't leave you wanting for anything else!

In addition to its powerful effects, this large format popper is perfect as it will allow you to share without limit with your friends and spread happiness on the dance floor!

Why choose amyl nitrite over propyl nitrite or pentyl? Check out our blog if you want to know more 😉

Amyl nitrite

Why buy Maxi Amsterdam Poppers

🎉 Euphoriant
🎉 Fast rising
🎉 Energising
🎉 Boosts endurance


🎉 Poppers Jungle Juice Platinum 25ml

Jungle Juice est la marque iconique de poppers en Europe ! Jungle Juice platinum ne déroge pas à la règle et vient chambouler les codes avec sa composition puissante au nitrite de propyle super concentré !

Si vous avez bien appris vos leçons, vous savez que les nitrites de propyle sont moins puissants que les poppers à base d’amyle ou de pentyle cependant ils sont parfaits pour s’offrir des moments d’euphorie contrôlés ! Parfaits pour les soirées voire pour les afters 😉

Si vous hésitez encore entre les nitrites de propyle, les nitrites d’amyle ou les nitrites de pentyle, voici un petit coup de main pour vous aider à y voir plus clair et à choisir ! :

Bien choisir son Poppers

A quoi sert le poppers Jungle Juice Platinum ?


🎉 Montée longue
🎉 Effets efficaces et contrôlables
🎉 Euphorie
🎉 Energisant
🎉 Booste la libido


🎉 Super Rush 25ml


Powerful Rush poppers dominate the global poppers market! Super Rush is no exception to the rule and is part of a line of effective and super powerful poppers!

With its 100% amyl nitrite quality composition, the Super Rush from Rush is the reference popper for thrill seekers and hard and intense climaxes!

Why choose Rush's powerful poppers with amyl nitrites? Because they are the passport to fun and wild parties! And you know that with Rush, the quality is always there.


🎉 Powerful lift
🎉 Long lasting effects
🎉 Euphoric
🎉 Energising
🎉 Boosts sexual performance


🎉 Why Pack clubbing 🎉


This pack of powerful large poppers is ideal for your club nights for several reasons: they are strong, fast, effective, they facilitate sharing, but being big brands, they also guarantee quality!

Powerful effects and large formats of these poppers that will promote sharing between friends!


🎉 Express delivery of poppers🎉


With PoppersPlanet, in addition to getting powerful poppers at the best prices on the web, you are guaranteed a 24/48H delivery to France! The packages are packed and delivered in total discretion on top of that 😉 What more could you ask for?

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Amsterdam Poppers – Jungle Juice – Rush


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