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The Victory pack composed of an amyl nitrite poppers, a propyl nitrite poppers and a lube gel X Man, to spice up your parties and transport you to the 7th heaven!

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How else do you celebrate May 8 than by buying a pack of poppers at the best price on the net? 🏆

This time, PoppersPlanet offers you, in addition to its powerful poppers, a quality intimate lube to spice up your parties and transport you to 7th heaven! A popper with amyl nitrite, a popper with propyl nitrite, here's what we've prepared for you!


🏆Poppers Jungle Juice 25ml


Jungle Juice is a leading brand in the world of poppers, with its ultra-concentrated formula with propyl nitrite, Jungle Juice premium is the ultimate powerful popper to have in your nightstand!

Deinhibition, relaxation, increased libido, all concentrated in a large 25ML popper that will come and stir up your parties for a while!

Propyl nitrite is already well known for its energizing and aphrodisiac virtues, this poppers offered at the best price on the net by PoppersPlanet will not disappoint you and you will most certainly come out victorious from your lovemaking...

The Jungle Juice Premium poppers effect:


🏆 Aphrodisiac
🏆 Boosts libido
🏆 Increases endurance
🏆 Disinhibits


🏆 Poppers Deeper 13ml


The amyl nitrite Deeper makes its debut in the victory pack, this medium-format popper is one of the strongest poppers around! With its amyl nitrite ultra-concentrated, it's going to give you an intense and powerful time, whether you're at a clubbing party or in your bedroom!

The amyl nitrites are, alongside pentyl nitrites the most powerful on the market, poppers based on these two compositions are to be used if you're a thrill-seeker and already used to poppers! This ultra-powerful poppers is designed to facilitate penetrations and reduce the risk of pain associated with partners too spoiled by nature ( or daring sex toys ... 😉 )

How to take your Poppers? 


What is Deeper 13ml poppers for?


🏆 Fast and powerful rise
🏆 Relaxed
🏆 Facilitates penetration
🏆 Disinhibits


🏆 X Man lube gel 245ml


The X-Man lube are THE reference lube, with their silicone composition, they are perfect for long, hot nights! Thanks to their outstanding lube power, they will allow long intercourse but also unparalleled massage sessions 😉 ! What more could you ask for?

This large 245ML bottle of lube is a guarantee that you won't run out for a while, you'll see, it lubricates so well that a small dose is enough to get off 😉

Don't know which lube to choose?



The victory pack is available for a limited time, we decided to sell it at the best price on the web so you can enjoy the benefits of these powerful poppers and this exceptional lube! Jump on the opportunity and melt for this pack at a great price 😉


🏆 PoppersPlanet express delivery 🏆


As usual, we guarantee a 24H to 48H delivery to France! No more need to anticipate, we are here and guarantee you a parcel delivered quickly, discreetly, and at a lower price 😊 That's the PoppersPlanet spirit

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Amyl and Propyl


X Man – Deeper – Jungle Juice


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