Poppers 10ml

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Small but powerful! Don’t be fooled by its small size or low price. Are you looking for a cheap, compact, effective popper? Look no further! POPPERS is for you.

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Why buy Poppers 10ml:


Poppers 10ml is small but powerful! Don't let its small size or low price fool you 😉

Are you looking for a cheap, compact, effective poppers? Look no further! POPPERS is made for you 😉 (As a bonus it will be delivered quickly ... Ah ... but that's the case for all our products actually!)

Propyl nitrite based, this little bottle that is easy to carry around with you will not disappoint!

Propyl Poppers Effect 10ml


⚛️ Facilitates disinhibition!
⚛️ Almost immediate euphoric effect


Yes, this popper is ideal for your intimate moments, but also for your club nights.

Failing to teach you how to dance, it will give you the strength to go wild all night long! And once again, it's a great way to get your groove on!

And once again, true to the motto: Cheap Poppers!

10ml bottle

Composition: propyl nitrite

( caution, some products may be freely available in some countries, but prohibited in others, even within the EEC, so each customer must check the conformity of the imported product with their national legislation )

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