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Poppers Rush Original 24ml

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MAXI FORMAT, MAXI PLEASURE ! Attention, in the heavyweight category of the poppers how to pass by this legendary bottle that is the RUSH ORIGINAL ? Rush has always been a safe bet in the world of poppers.

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The best Rush original 25ml poppers:


Rush Original 25ml is maxi format, maxi pleasure!

Attention, in the heavyweight category of poppers how can you pass by this legendary bottle that is the RUSH ORIGINAL?

Rush has always been a sure bet in the world of poppers and it has rarely disappointed! Present on the market since the 70s. It is sometimes difficult to get hold of the precious bottles of this brand which, despite their small size, promise users great moments ...


With its iconic, effective and powerful formula, it's impossible not to appreciate the original RUSH at its true value! A trip to 7th heaven guaranteed, we guarantee you'll have sex and dance parties you won't soon forget!

Besides, with its maxi format, it's impossible to run out of stimulant for a while, all the more reason to crack for this vial that meets all the criteria of the cheap and perfect Poppers!


The effects of Rush poppers:


⚛️ Exciting beyond compare
⚛️ Ultra effective vasodilator
⚛️ Extends the duration of intimate intercourse


No need to prove to you the effectiveness of this popper, in short, if you are looking for intense effects, at a low price, the original RUSH is the bottle for you!
25 ml bottle

Composition: amyl nitrite

( caution, some products may be freely available in some countries, but prohibited in others, even within the EEC, so each customer must check the conformity of the imported product with their national legislation )

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