Rush Winter 10ml

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It’s cold here, isn’t it? It’s probably because of the RUSH WINTER 10ML collector vial. Don’t panic, once you try it you’ll soon forget about that cold feeling.

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The best Rush Winter 10ml poppers:

It's cold in here isn't it? It's probably because of the RUSH WINTER 10ml collector vial πŸ˜‰

Don't panic, once you try it you'll soon forget about that cold feeling, hot flashes and intense excitement guaranteed!

As always, RUSH offers us exceptional products for very little money, this Amyle-based collector's edition is sure to get you and your partners high at the same time πŸ˜‰

Small but mighty, this small, low-cost format from RUSH is a must-have if you like unbridled parties, uninhibited sharing and long, intense sex!"

Almost immediate effect and super powerful, this aphrodisiac is part of the most powerful poppers on the market, despite its icy packaging it will not fail to put ardour in your lives!


Rush Winter Poppers Effect 10ml:


❄️ Immediate rise - As fast as its delivery
❄️ Powerful stimulant
❄️Euphoric like no other
❄️ Suitable for all occasions
❄️ Generates a sense of pride with the coolness of its collector bottle πŸ˜‰


Once again, RUSH hits hard and Poppersplanet even harder by bringing you this rare popper at such a low price, get ready for the boiling ice storm of Rush Winter πŸ˜‰

10ml bottles

Composition: Amyl Nitrite

(Beware, some products may be freely available in some countries, but prohibited in others, even within the EEC, so each customer must check the conformity of the imported product with their national legislation)

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