Super Rush 24ml

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The great vasodilator known for its dilating, euphoric and aphrodisiac virtues is back in a super large format to set your bedroom ablaze, your partners ablaze and your desires …

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Once again RUSH comes to hit the Poppers sphere with a bang with its iconic mega-sized version of Super RUSH! You're going to ask me, "yes but is it a cheap Poppers? "and to that we answer, as usual, "Yes, it's a cheap popper" and now the hostilities begin... 😆

The great vasodilator known for its dilating as well as euphoric and aphrodisiac virtues is back in a super large format to set your bedroom on fire, set your partners and your desires on fire ... 😉

Compounded with amyl nitrite. Impossible for you to stay ice cold while using this little magic vial at low price. It will for sure allow you to enjoy your sexual relations to the maximum! With it, goodbye to the pain during energetic penetrations, goodbye to the taboos, goodbye to the "sorry my vial is almost empty, it is only 10ML"! In short, this is the beginning of a torrid and uninhibited adventure that you will be able to experience thanks to RUSH. But also at the best price thanks to PoppersPlanet! 😉


What is the Super Rush 25ml poppers for


⚡ Vasodilator of the fire of god
⚡ Lightning fast climbs
⚡ Cheap poppers that potentially induce orgasms at the price
⚡ Inhibitions in the trash
⚡ Orgasms multiplied


Not surprisingly from RUSH, but still, one is left stunned when using it, as if life always holds surprises ... 😉

Actually the most amazing thing about the story is really that this popper is offered in express delivery by Poppersplanet. ( As well as being really cheap, but you're getting used to that)...

25ml bottle

Composition : Amyl nitrite

( caution, some products may be freely available in some countries, but prohibited in others, even within the EEC, so each customer must check the conformity of the imported product with his national legislation )

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