Super Rush Black Label 10ml

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Any self-respecting poppers fan is familiar with the famous RUSH brand, which has been proving its worth for several years now and has not finished making people dance but also intoxicated.

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Presentation of Rush Poppers the Super Rush Black Label 10ml:


We come to a very heavyweight of poppers! The Super Rush Black Label 10ml!

Any self-respecting poppers lover is not without knowing the famous brand RUSH. It has proven itself for a few years now and has not finished making people dance but also intoxicate the greatest number.

At PoppersPlanet we are keen to offer you quality and cheap poppers, so here is the exclusive SUPER RUSH black label 😉


This little vial with a dark and sleek look doesn't disappoint from its name. It promises to deliver sensations beyond your expectations. This is a great way to get your mind right.

With its Amyl-rich formula, there's no risk of it leaving you wanting more. The risk for you to ask for more, however, is very present 😉 ...

Why buy poppers Super Rush Black Label? :


⚛️ ULTRA exciting
⚛️ Increases orgasms and sensations tenfold
⚛️ ULTRA euphoric
⚛️ A ticket to the galaxy of pleasure


In addition to its super cool bottle, its very low price at PoppersPlanet, and its effects, it is delivered very quickly (like all our products...).

Don't wait any longer and let yourself be tempted by the Super Rush black label from PoppersPlanet 😉

10ml bottles
Composition: Amyl Nitrite
( caution , some products may be freely available in some countries , but prohibited in others , even within the EEC , so each customer must check the conformity of the imported product with his national legislation )

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